Enjoy all the gore now in
fewer pixels and fewer colors.

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Lucius game has been demade, and is now ready for mayhem. Enjoy all the gore now in fewer pixels and fewer colors.
The original game has been fully demade to achieve the atmosphere of an 80's style gory adventure.
Lucius is now killing all the pixels and there isn't a damn thing anyone can do about it.


Unique 2D horror adventure gaming experience

2D Open Manor

Experience dante manor freely and ride around with your tricycle.


Uncinematic Cut-scenes with 16 colors and low amount of pixels..


Harness Supernatural pixel Powers, including Telekinesis and Mind Control


Breathtaking 80's Atmosphere and Stunning low-res Visuals


Experience the terror of a classic tale from the horror movie genre

Lucius is the devils son.

When Lucius was born on the June 6th, 1966, nobody expected him to be anything other than a normal little boy but everything changed on Lucius’ 6th Birthday, when his true calling was revealed to him.
Equipped with supernatural powers, take control of Lucius as he begins his blood filled tour of horror through his own house, using Hell’s powers of telekinesis and mind control to orchestrate deadly accidents that will minimize the population of the Dante Manor one by one by one.